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Lacy set of underwear with a garter belt
Sexy black dot garterbelt

Sexy black dot garterbelt

Not such a big percent of women know what is a suspender belt and how to wear it properly. And men, ..


Garterbelt: comfort or sexuality?

Alas, not all women know about the belt for stockings or are able to handle it competently. And in vain, because this accessory causes a special excitement and interest in men's fantasy. Belt for stockings appeared a few centuries ago, although those time anybody did not carry any sexual implication in the belt, it was just the subject of underwear. Under the fluffy dresses women wore stockings that were impossible to suspend. If you've ever worn stockings, you understand what we are talking about. To appear in a society without stockings was considered shameful and deviant behavior, so the belt for stockings was the salvation of every woman.

Today, the suspender belts are generally regarded as the subject of an intimate wardrobe, but those who know how to use them know that this is not only a "weapon of mass destruction", but also an excellent thing for midi skirts and dresses below the knees. Thus, the belt combines sexuality and convenience. A lot of our clients should also remember that the suspender belt is worn by the bride under the wedding dress for the sake of convenience, but this does not end the list of multifunctionality of this thing.

What are the suspender belts and how to choose them?

In our time, the list of types of belts for stockings is much larger than in the XVIII century, and, as a rule, they are distinguished by the material from which they are sewn:

  • lace;
  • satin;
  • nylon;
  • leather;
  • vinyl;
  • fathin (net);
  • combined (from different types of tissue).

Eyes do run up, do not they? If you decided to buy a garterbelt, but do not know how to choose it and what to look for, we are glad to tell you the main points of choosing and using this detail of the women's wardrobe.

A woman's belt for stockings is a peculiar thing and does not lend itself to standard measurements. Most often you can find a belt on the elastic band, since the belt usually holds just below the waist line. Accordingly, making measurements is just below the waist.

Belts also have their own "nationalities": they are European, American and English. The difference between them is that the European version has 4 garters, the English has the same 8, and the American - the "golden middle" - have 6 braces. In Ukraine, more often than not, you can find the suspender belts with four garters.

How to wear a belt for stockings?

When you have fixed the belt at the waist, first of all pay attention to whether it is comfortable suiting. Then:

  • put your foot on a chair or bed, so that the knee is bent at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • with the help of clips on the garters hook on the stockings, so that they are firmly held;
  • tighten braces so that they do not press in the leg, but also so that they do not sag;
  • check how to hold stockings. Sit down, sit on the couch, go. If you are comfortable and your stockings do not slip, then you did everything right.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in wearing a garterbelt, you need only a little practice!

Would you like to buy a belt for stockings with suspenders?

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