Aluring dot body

Aluring dot body

A very erotic, captivating male look, body made from translucent material into polka dots - another ..


History of body

Female body as a wardrobe item has existed for quite a long time, however it was forgotten by women of all over the world absolutely unfairly. At the end of the twentieth century, the body again gained its former popularity, but this time - much more wide and strong. At first it was worn just in the form of underwear: it is comfortable, completely fits the body and repeats the contours of the owner. But very soon famous designers and stylists began to experiment with body, turning it into all kinds of wardrobe items. Looks in body were first on Madonna, Dita von Teese, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and others.

Today, female body (mixed dress) exists in various variations:

  • in the form of pullovers;
  • turtlenecks;
  • blouse;
  • shirts;
  • sexy underwear.

Body shirts, body pullovers, body blouses are worn by modern women almost daily, providing comfort to the wearers. However, it is worthwhile to separately consider the body as an underwear and separate the lace body from it. Body as underwear is a practical solution for every day, especially in the cold seasons. Visually it resembles a merged bra and panties-slips. It is convenient to wear under any kind of clothing, especially if it is a seamless body. As for lacy seductive body, this is a very peculiar subject of an intimate wardrobe, which is intended only for your beloved eyes.

Seductive body - must-have of every girl

One can not disagree with the statement that sexual body is a brilliant invention of designers. This is an elegant, attractive and multifunctional version of underwear, which every girl can wear depending on her emancipation. For example, some girls can wear lace under their basic clothes, and some take care of this thing for a "special occasion."

Erotic body can have different cuts and to be sewn from different material:

  • with a deep V-shaped and O-shaped neckline / closed, moderately frank;
  • transparent / opaque;
  • with lace / without lace;
  • with tracery;
  • with sleeves / on straps;
  • tulle, satin, cotton.

Captivating male look attractive bodys surprise and fascinate men no worse than a sexy set of underwear, stockings and belts. Such a thing is a must-have in a girl's wardrobe.

Of course, underwear in the form of a set of brassiere and panties perfectly handle with the task of intriguing a man, but imagine what a surprise will become a semi-transparent body that seductively sits on your amazing shapes. Any man will appreciate the variety in sexual underwear, because according to statistics, most men are more excited with girl in frank, sexy underwear, rather than without it.

The rational decision - to buy body in the online store

A wide range of sexy underwear on the shelf of the closet is the dream of every sophisticated woman. Sexy models with lace elements, inserts of translucent material and brilliant decor will no doubt surprise and make your man to be delighted. With the help of a body, you can create any look: a modest woman in white lace or a liberated girl in a red translucent combination.

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