Molded cup bustier

Molded cup bustier

Bustier - quite brave, can't be ashamed of this word, a provocative kind of women's clothing. If bef..


Sexy beige bra with extraordinary belts

Sexy beige bra with extraordinary belts

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Soft lacy turquoise bralette

Soft lacy turquoise bralette

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Translucent wire-free soft cup bra

Translucent wire-free soft cup bra

Being desirable and attractive is the natural wish of every girl. Yes, nature has given each of us a..


Bra - an indispensable element of the wardrobe

Every girl knows that her best friends are diamonds and beautiful bras. It is a well-chosen bra that can completely transform a female figure, emphasize the beautiful shape of the breast and corrects the disadvantages. The shape of the female breast for each girl is different - someone's breast is big, someone has a more accurate and miniature breasts. Men may not understand, but we girls know that there are a lot of types of bras and each of them is designed for a certain shape of the breast:

  • push-up. We think there is not much to explain here: if you want to make the breasts more magnificent visually, "lift" it, then your variant is a bra with push-up. Technically, push-up is a foam insert in a bra, which performs its function.
  • balconette. You can even call it a "provocative bra". It, as a rule, has low cups and the main part of the chest is ajar. This kind of bra is great for girls with small breasts as that slightly lifts the chest, but for the owners of lush breasts we recommend avoiding balconies, because they can not handle with the task of keeping the breasts.
  • soft cup. It was called "soft" for the absence of the foam, that is, it supports the breast in an absolutely natural way. As a rule, bras with a soft cup are sewn from a fabric and are suitable for owners of large forms.
  • molded cup. In another way such a bra is called classic - it is suitable for any breast size, comfortable and often used by girls every day. The cup can be smooth, seamless, lacy - there is everything individually for your taste.
  • bralette. This version of the bra is suitable for girls with small breasts. Bralette remotely resembles a crop-top and from recent time it is worn exactly as a top, or rather, instead of it. This is an elongated, wire-free bra with a soft cup.
  • bustier. And this is just the same bralette, but it has the wires to support the breasts and the cup is not soft, but foam rubber or molded.

It is also worth noting that bras have different types of fasteners, and they can be wire-free or with wires, respectively. Tina Kandelaki's famous phrase: "It's very easy to drive a man crazy: you have to wear a bra with a fastener in front, a body-shirt with a hidden buckle between the legs and stretch pants with a fly imitation."

How to choose the right bra?

Right chosen bra is the guarantee of a good day, health and comfort. Most girls pick up the wrong bras for themselves: more free, to keep the gap in the cup or on the contrary more tight, so as to emphasize the breasts. However agree: you do not buy shoes that presses or vice versa, in which the foot is "in free swimming"? With bras there is the same scheme - it is necessary to choose the optimum size, in order to feel comfort and self-confidence.

So, how to choose your bra correctly?

  • the first and most important rule is to correctly measure the circumference of the chest and under the breast. Measurements are done without a bra or a bra without foam rubber. The meter should not fit too tightly, but to outline the contours naturally. The parameters you obtained can be checked with our size chart.
  • owners of lush forms should pay attention to bras with wide straps.
  • due attention should be given to the color and material of the bra - depending on how you are going to wear underwear.

As you can see, there are not so many rules and restrictions, so sticking to each of them is not so difficult, and also it is in your own interests.

Buy practical or sexy bras?

Online store of underwear Mari Molinero in Ukraine presents a huge catalog of bras of various styles, colors, sizes and prices. You will definitely have what to choose and buy beautiful and quality bras. Brassieres can be found for gorgeous beauties, and for cuties with small breasts - sizes 32B, 32C, 34B, 34C, 36B are suitable for most girls.

We do not doubt that you may like several models, so you can buy bras in bulk at very attractive and profitable wholesale prices! Doctors recommend changing old bras to new ones at least once a year, unless wholesale purchase is not an excellent solution? If you have any questions about the order, you can watch the "Order" section or leave the question on the "Contacts" form.