V-string panties with tiny belts

V-string panties with tiny belts

Girls, there are a lot of clothes in our wardrobe! But we are sure that there are no G-strings on th..


A bit about women's panties

One of the most important components of the women's wardrobe is women's panties, which bear a huge responsibility for your intimate health, comfort and mood all day long. That's why you should not treat the choice of panties irresponsibly: any element of the wardrobe can be replaced with the same one, but the panties do not. In themselves, panties have been set apart recently, and also gained several new roles in any female look. Every girl knows that, choosing the right panties, can make your day, and also seduce your man with a sexy outfit ...

In women's clothing aesthetics is very important: underwear and especially panties should not look out, otherwise, such a spectacle may seem careless and spoil the overall picture. No less important is the color of the underwear, which must match the color of the clothes, under which there will be pants and a bra. If you need to wear tight trousers, then it's best to buy seamless panties - they are often needed and simply irreplaceable, because they are absolutely unnoticeable under the clothes.

Types of panties

Each type of clothing can boast a variety of styles and types, but panties - especially. There are a lot of them for all life occasions:

  • slips. Classic panties for every day, the style is characterized by the fact that it completely closes the buttocks and gives comfort to the owner. As a rule, this style is more often found among everyday models, but is not lace slips attractive for the eyes of men?
  • thong. We think every girl knows this kind of panties. They combine comfort and seductiveness due to the fact that the back triangle of panties is sewn less wide, rather than from the front, leaving the buttocks almost completely open.
  • tanga. These panties - a kind of thongs, but instead of the strip behind, as a rule, there is a clear triangle, and the panties themselves are kept on thin strips.
  • shorts. Panties-shorts are characterized by a coincidence of length in front and behind, and also visually resemble shortened shorts. Very comfortable and beautiful looking, regardless of what they are made of and for what purpose.
  • panties with high waist. Beauty with a thin waist - these panties for you! They emphasize the elegant waist and smoothly pass into the hips, that will drive your man crazy.

You can also note the material from which the panties are made. For daily use, choose panties made from natural materials, because nothing should irritate the delicate skin and do not interfere with her breathing. The list of fabrics is even more varied than the list of panty types:

  • cotton;
  • from polyester;
  • knitted;
  • satin;
  • in the mesh;
  • lace.

No less important is the choice of size, panties should not pressure or rub anywhere! On our site you can buy women's panties in sizes S, M, L, XL. Do not forget about personal hygiene and take care that about your intimate health, because any intimate diseases are a blow to self-esteem and a general physical and moral condition.

What to pay attention on, if you decided to buy women's panties in the online store?

Buying things on the Internet - it's very responsible, even more so if it's panties for women. Pay attention to the quality of good's photos that you liked, carefully study the description of things, and also check the compliance of your parameters on the size chart on the site, so as not to be mistaken when choosing a size. If you have any questions about delivery, payment, order or the thing itself, do not hesitate to ask questions to the manager.

The Ukrainian online store of underwear Mari Molinero guarantees the quality and conformity of the price of each of its products. With us you can advantageously buy panties and bras wholesale or retail. Our managers will gladly advise you on any issues and most importantly, you will be satisfied with the purchase of our underwear.