Translucent dot peignoir (negligee)

Translucent dot peignoir (negligee)

We are sure that every woman has at least once thought about buying a negligee - a sexy ni..


Translucent peignoir with tiny straps

Translucent peignoir with tiny straps

Girls, you can surprise and seduce your man not only on a special day, but also daily, putting on, f..


Women's secrets: combinations as an underwear

Female combinations are very useful and unfairly forgotten type of underwear. If you like wearing dresses, then you need to get acquainted with the combination. This is a corrective underwear made of lightweight material, which is put on under the dresses. Visually it resembles a short dress, and some women mistakenly take a combination for a negligee.

The main function of combinations is to correct deficiencies, but it is worthwhile to consider all types of this function:

  • correction of the shortcomings of the figure. The combination allows you to hide the sides, tummy, breeches, and even cellulite.
  • correction of uneven lines of underwear. Better than seamless lingerie can only be a combination: perfectly fit the figure of the dress, while hiding the seams and shortcomings of underwear will help exactly the combination.
  • smoothing lines of the silhouette. The female figure is very diverse: some have more magnificent shapes, some have angular shapes. The female combination brightens up what may seem like a flaw, giving your figure smooth and neat features.
  • correction of flaws in clothing. It sounds very strange and unrealistic, but the combination copes with such problems as twisting, jumping or dressing up of the dresses.

As you could already understand, the combination is a very useful detail of the women's wardrobe and buy a combination - an advantageous and reasonable solution.

What to wear combinations with?

You can wear combinations not only for dresses. Do you want to know how the combination transforms the female look? We will give you some examples to prove that the combination is a versatile kind of lingerie.

  • Under the dresses. This is the most popular option, how to put on a combination and flawlessly look in any model of the dress. A little higher, we described the advantages of putting it under a dress.
  • Under transparent blouses. We think that every girl does not like it when the bra gleams under the blouse. In this case, a combination comes as the rescue. Wearing it under the blouse, it will not look vulgar, and even vice versa. Naturally, a sub-color of a certain blouse needs a combination of the same color.
  • As a negligee or a nightie. Although negligee - a completely different story and it is different from the combinations, yet many confuse them. In the 80s of the last century women put them on just as sexy lingerie for sleep, but under clothes - very rarely.

Modern combinations absolutely exactly repeat the outlines of a seductive female figure, they do not harbor anywhere and allow you not even to feel them on your body, what can not be said about combinations of past times - with rigid inserts, corsets and other elements.

Where to buy beautiful combinations under the dress?

There are a lot of combinations today and the choice is often complicated. Satin and lacy combinations do not just look attractive, but help their owner create an impeccable outfit. It's time to stop dreaming about clothes that will fit on you as on the model, and buy a female combination and reveal the secret of all models and an impeccable figure.

The online store of sexy underwear Mari Molinero offers a rich assortment of combinations, sets of underwear at good prices and appropriate quality. We are responsible for everything that suits you and is pleasant, so you can buy underwear in different sizes and colors. Allow yourself to be feminine, sexy and coveted with underwear from Mari Molinero!