Lacy pajama (top and shorts)

  • 1,680грн


Do you ream to diversify your clothes for sleep? Looking for something sexy, light and extraordinary? Then pay your attention to this pajama! Beautiful lacy pajama (T-shirt and shorts) today in the hit list. Yes, there are trends not only for the basic wardrobe, but also for the intimate! Semitransparent lace adorns your body with various patterns, teases a man, intrigues, covering all the most intimate things... Top is on straps, the length of straps is adjustable; shorts are on an elastic band and therefore you do not need to worry about the fact that you "lose" with the size: you will have a couple of centimeters left in stock. Soft lace will not only look stunning, but also give comfort during sleep - in the first place pajamas - it's a comfortable outfit for sleeping!