Women's underwear should be perfect in all respects. This is a pledge of sexual look, everyday comfort, accurate outlines and health. "Underwear" stands not only for sets of bras and panties, but also for combinations, negligees, boudoir dresses and much more. In a nutshell, we will call it a women's intimate wardrobe.

What kinds of lingerie can you buy from us?

A woman's intimate wardrobe consists of so many things. Perhaps you have already noticed that the variety of female "contraptions" we have, and not a little bit. Among them:

  • boudoir dresses
  • bras
  • panties
  • combinations
  • suspender belts
  • tops
  • shorts
  • rompers
  • bodysuits

Boudoir dresses are weightless, sensual, sexy and, most importantly, integral elements of the modern morning of the bride, photoshoots of future mothers, as well as seductive or gentle girls’ look. They do not look like ordinary women's dresses: they are made of more interesting material. As a rule, it is lace, tulle, satin and chiffon.

Women's bras are a special section, which we pay great attention to. Here you can buy bras of various types: casual, sexy, wired or wireless, foam cup, push-up and many others.

Women's panties - no less important category, in which you can pick up the models in pairs to the bras. Each model is special and unique, they can not be found in any other store, and every panties is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL.

Combinations are a special thing in the women's wardrobe. This is a small female trick: they are put under the tight and fitted clothes to smooth out any irregularities and hide the shortcomings of both the figure and the dress.

Tops and shorts, as well as rompers for sleeping are standard pajamas and clothes for the house, in which you can remain beautiful at home without styling and make-up.Female bodysuit - a solid suit, reminiscent of a swimsuit. It not only can become an assistant in the correction of the figure under the clothes, but also - a very sexy thing behind the closed bedroom door.

Why us?

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